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Pool Playing

I have recently started playing 14.1 continuous (also known as straight pool). Up until recently I had just been mediocre at best. However since I have not had gainful employment and have had lots of time on my hands with which to practice I have totally improved. Because of this improvement I am going to Las Vegas this coming Tuesday to play in the BCA National 8 ball tournaments. I would like to have been able to play in the singles, but due to financial constraints can only play in the teams. That said, we do have an extremely strong team (the best I have ever had the priviledge of being a part of) and I like our chances.

Anywho, my brother and I were playing the other day and I hit my all time high of a 28 ball run. The game looks and sounds easy, but anything over a 15 ball run is hard to accomplish because you need a "breakout ball" and proper cue ball position to break up the rack and have a following shot. See video for details (I edited out all of the racking to make it shorter, but it is still +- 7 minutes.)

It may look easy, but I assure you...it is harder than it looks. You can tell by my reaction after the last shot I did NOT want to miss it. =)
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